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Our e-commerce capabilities are currently not working properly and we apologise for any inconvenience. However, you can still place your order by following these steps:

  1. Add products to the cart

  2. Go to 'View Cart' page and enter your promo code (if you have one)

  3. Take a screenshot of the 'View Cart' page

  4. Open WhatsApp orders: +27 72 671 6238, or an email to:

  5. Attach the screenshot to WhatsApp or the email

  6. Include your name, full address, phone number, and email (for shipping calculation)

  7. We'll send you a final invoice that includes the shipping calculation

  8. Send proof of payment to WhatsApp: +27 72 671 6238, or

  9. Your order will be securely mailed to you

Content:  1.1ml – 55 clicks.  1 click = 0.02ml

Variant:  Adult:  76.51%

Flavour:  Organic

Easy Oil -(Pain, Sleeplessness, Chronic Relief)

  • Our pure 'honey' infused oil is ideal to use for insomnia and severe to chronic pain and illnesses. The human body contains endocannabinoid receptors which is enhanced through this natural oil that promotes healing.    

    Many studies show that using CBD and THC together elevate the body’s natural Endocannabinoid system. This product should be used at night only and not during the day along with the 1000mg CBD oil for optimum healing benefit. 

    You can slowly increase your dosage however it is recommended to start with half of a click  and increase to a maximum of one full click at bed time.  

    Use:  Insomnia, Chronic pain, Snoring

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