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Vaporizers are known for creating steam instead of combustion materials. Because of this reason, vaping is preferred by most users. It is a healthier alternative to traditional forms of smoking. Unlike the smoke created by marijuana or cigarettes, vaporizers release a slow vapor that is significantly less harsh on the lungs.

CBD is known for providing many medical benefits. If you vape CBD, it could help in dealing with anxiety, depression, and stress effectively. Certain diseases like cancer, arthritis, and Alzheimer’s disease can also be cured with the help of CBD. Vaping CBD is known to be one of the best ways you should extract these benefits faster and better. 


People find vaping CBD to be another great option because the effects are powerful and very quick. When you vape using a pend, cartridge, you will be able to experience the relaxing and calming effects almost immediately. It is because the substance is sent to the lungs immediately, which is later absorbed into the blood, unlike the complex digestive system. Because of this reason, the CBD molecules spread across the body through the bloodstream. Once CBD is exposed to your blood, you will start experiencing the effect. As the e-juice gets absorbed very quickly, the effects are also rapid.  It is particularly useful to people who have anxiety attacks and would want a quick solution to the problem. 


Vaping CBD offers a higher bioavailability as compared to the different ingesting methods, which means that the maximum portions of the compound will be absorbed into the body, unlike other methods.


Another reason why people prefer vaping CBD is that it is convenient. You can take the device anywhere and use it whenever you need it. It is also effortless to use. The Devise are also very small and can fit inside your pocket easily, making vaping discreet. As vapour doesn’t have an odour, meaning that people around you will not be affected by it.

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 “I love ‘The Vape’ and have been using it for about 3 months now. It’s helped with my chest pain, and I use it sometimes to sleep.”

- Saskia

The CBD Vape helps calm me after a long day.  It gives me a peaceful sleep and takes away all aches in my body.”

- Welma F.

“I have been using the Kaniwari CBD Vape.  Not only does it help me be the relaxed version of myself, but it tastes great too. Definitely helps reduce stress from work and managing family better. Best part is all you need is a puff each morning and you are good for the day.”

- Jacqui

“We love ‘The Vapes’ they just awesome and we get to pick our strains too which is highly convenient.”

- Kayle B.

“After Receiving Chemo I’ve struggled to sleep, the CBD vape has improved my ability to sleep remarkably.”

- Jaqaline

“I love ‘The Vape’ as it calms me and lets me sleep well at night, all that is needed is a puff at bedtime and you good to go to sleep through the night without feeling groggy in the morning.”

- Dawn B.


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